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The global mobility leadership team of Employee HomeView (EHV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Homezie, Inc. and its 30+ years experience brings a new, innovative suite of home-life services and discounts to the entire workforce. At any given time 10-12% of the U.S. workforce is changing residences – for a variety of personal reasons and mostly within 20 miles.

EHV provides..

  • A personal consultant to help navigate processes, match needs with top tier, “best-fit” supplier options, and save time and money when changing residences. Expertise & service areas include:
  • Assistance with home selling, buying, renting
  • Home financing
  • Household goods moving
  • Auto ship
  • Info, tips, tools and checklists to make better time and money decisions

Employee HomeView (EHV), a Homezie Inc. company, is a

  • Unique and innovative company leveraging its people knowledge, business processes and technology to optimize time and ROI for both the company and worker.
  • Forward-thinking leader in new age benefits that are high value and high impact
  • Proud member of…*


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